House by the Water


Simple in its appearance, the House by the Water presents a strong entrance stemming from the logical consideration of the program and the context in which it sits. The river-front site is exceptional, however its narrow profile and proximity to a noisy roadway presented some challenges. The design confronts the noise head-on with a walled-house, a full façade with only a slit that marks the entrance and expresses the idea behind the entire house: behind the skin there is substance.

The house is two-faced: a solid side faces the roadway and a fully-glazed side privileges the river view; the program is visibly split horizontally over two floors, and; two materials are used in the light-weight metal sheeting of the top volume which sits on a solid wood base, not unlike a tree stump.

The interior is anchored by a volume made of birch stretching from the master bedroom on the main floor up to the second story studio, passing through the main living spaces, acting as a bookshelf and a staircase visible from the front entrance slit. In the end, this residence truly acts a second skin for its occupants, an atypical couple who discovered the process of making architecture and who were passionately consumed with their creation