Marc-Favreau Library

Rosemont-Petite Patrie, Montreal, 2010

This finalist proposal caught the attention of the jury for its audacity and the quality of its urban response. The character of the site suggested a synthetic and refined gesture, far from the monumental. Like a light sail, the library launches itself from the Luc-DurandPark to open onto the active urban zone fronting Rosemont Street. The interior spaces are distributed according to a very simple logic based on user groups. Making the close relationship between the interior and the exterior dynamic, the furniture folds and unfolds following the changing rhythms of the small berms in the nearby park, becoming an alcove, or areas for reading or playing. The whimsical design was nourished by the witticisms of Sol, the character beloved by the Quebecois and interpreted by Marc Favreau. Partner: Éric Pelletier architect