healthcare + research

Hospital Space: architecture as a therapeutic tool

Places of birth, life, illness, healing – also a place of departure. Hospital spaces protect the bodies weakened by illness. They present the challenge of making human environments in spite of the imperatives of efficiency and functionality associated with medical practice.

The health sector represents one of our firm’s privileged fields of professional activity. We have the organisational structure and specialized expertise to undertake substantial and highly complex projects. We also maintain a strong interest in small interventions, which we always handle with the same degree of care.

CGA’s accomplishments in the hospital field stand out for their exceptional integration of organisational and human aspects and their adaptation that inspire calm and serenity. CGA is well known for its knowledge of procedures, regulations and principles structuring health care organisation.

Research Space: architecture as a dynamic instrument

The systematisation of spatial organisation, neutrality of atmospheres and asepsis imposed by expected results are not deterrents to our designing exceptional work spaces: CGA projects serve as examples of this. They highlight positive synergies among researchers by designing spaces where functionality and dynamism are combined to create inspiring and stimulating working spaces.