Residential space: architecture as nest

A house is much more than shelter protecting us from nature’s vexations; it is in fact our second skin. It is a rational space whose purpose is to provide comfort and safety. A fortress that one leaves and returns to daily, it is the material symbol of a permanent presence. It is a meaningful envelope and a privileged means of expression of who we are; a place of stability coloured by the personality of its occupants.

Before a dwelling’s form comes its organization, that which is rarely visible but responsible for nourishing the quality of relationships. While considering a multitude of spatial scenarios, the residence is defined by asking a series of questions and interpreting the answers through specific designs.

Multi-unit housing is approached differently from single-family residences. Here, the ownership refers to a lifestyle, a reflection of the times. The flexibility of the planning, its versatility and its functionality are of the upmost importance.