Preliminary design: Architecture as a guarantee of success

Considerate of the quality and coherence of built environments, CGA has developed an expertise on the entire process of designing a building from planning to execution. The office has the capacity and experience to achieving preliminary projects: Master Development Plans, Real Property Master Plans, Functional and Technical Plans, feasibility studies and pre-concept designs.

Each space is a unique opportunity to reflect on lifestyles and habits and to imagine new scenarios. Implicating CGA from the onset of a project makes it possible to insure all the subsequent planning activities are coherent. The firm actively participates in defining project parameters (budget, phasing and deadlines). It is also involved in personalising the project and identifying a structure that will give it the necessary impetus to successfully accomplish all its stages through to completion. One of CGA’s assets is its capacity to carry out clear and stimulating presentations that facilitate the understanding of the issues specific to a project and act as a catalyst to common goals and objectives.