A project is defined as much by its built finality as by the process of exchanges and design leading to it.

The firm’s mission is to participate, through its architectural design and production, in the development of a stimulating built environment, which respects the needs of the clients and the society that supports them.

Known for offering high quality service, the architects Corriveau, Girard and Associates CGA bring a sensitive and experienced look to Quebec architecture. Their projects, of various scales, are proof of their interest in working at all levels, from the general planning of large complexes to the design of sophisticated details.

CGA’s involvement in all the sectors of architectural practice displays unfailing professionalism. Since the office opened, in 1995, its fields of competence have progressively widened by always applying the same demands in terms of excellence: coherent Real Property Master Plans, functional planning and anticipatory and documented technique, convincing and rigorous pre-project studies, innovative and pertinent design, complete and accessible plans and quotes and finally, proactive and detailed work supervision.

The architects’ office is organised around two associates, Pierre Corriveau and Sylvie Girard whose complementary experience and aptitudes enrich the approach to design. The team, energetic and efficient, gathers the skills of experienced and qualified personnel, in solidarity with the firm’s choices. Around 30 specialists participate in the development of mandates by being available at all times. They share a common work philosophy based on being attentive to the client and the context.

Concerned with integrating all the possibilities offered by technology, CGA balances the use of traditional and contemporary methods, melding drawings and scale models to the most sophisticated software. The team’s knowledge is kept up to date, the personnel is continuously trained and the software updated, insuring synergy and relevance throughout the design process.

The office’s operations stand out for their innovative designs stamped with meaningful precision and restraint. They always respond to the associates’ fundamental concerns: spatial quality, at times symbolic, always aesthetic and functional, technical performance, cost control and a strict follow-up of deadlines.